Proactive, Full-Service Legal Care

We believe that good, prompt communication with our clients is key to successful outcomes in each of our practice areas. During your free initial consultation, we will help you understand the legal process involved with your particular issue, discuss your concerns and discuss a probable path to resolution. Consultations with our attorneys are informative, collaborative and can be casual.

When you hire Lance A. Riddle Law Office, Attorneys at Law, you are provided the information and resources necessary to actively and confidently participate in the decision-making process.

Our attorneys have over 28 years of combined legal experience, and we are dedicated to serving people in Warrensburg, Johnson County and surrounding areas, just as we have done our entire careers. Both Lance A. Riddle and Kati A. Roach are Warrensburg natives and graduates of Central Missouri State University.

Follow Through Is Critical

An estate planning, family law or criminal defense attorney in Warrensburg should be judged not just on the case results he or she has achieved for clients or by the ratings of the attorney online.

Results in other cases and ratings by other individuals are not always good measures of how your case will progress or of how the attorney will treat you as a client.

To be sure, case results and ratings are illustrative, but until you have met with an attorney, gotten a feel for the communication style of the law firm and established a level of trust that you are comfortable with, how can you be sure that the attorney will follow through and advocate for your unique interests and best possible outcome?

We believe attentiveness, flexibility and good communication are key factors in earning your trust and confidence.