Tough Defense Against Child Abuse Charges

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Being accused of child abuse is something that no parent wants to face, and these accusations are not limited to parents either. Teachers, coaches and others could find themselves accused of this serious crime. What may have been intended as an act of discipline is misinterpreted and suddenly an overzealous prosecutor is trying to put you in jail, put your family and your career at risk. You have the right to defend yourself. An experienced lawyer can help.

At Lance A. Riddle Law Office, Attorneys at Law, in Warrensburg, we have more than 20 years of experience defending people in these challenging cases. Whether you have been charged with child abuse or assault, we can help you.

What Is The Distinction Between Child Abuse And Discipline?

What constitutes child abuse? If a parent spanks his or her child, is it child abuse? If a teacher shoves a child back into his or her seat, is it child abuse? If a coach pushes a child on the playing field, is it child abuse? You may see the distinction between child discipline and child abuse, but the prosecutor may not. Maybe you did cross a line. Maybe you did not. Regardless, there are defense strategies that we will use to help you.

Child Abuse And Child Custody Disputes In Missouri

Who reported your alleged act of child abuse? We have found that many of these allegations come from a disgruntled wife or husband during a child custody dispute. The accuser may think that, by having you charged with child abuse, he or she will gain the upper hand in the family law case. If we are involved, we will do everything we can to prove them wrong.

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