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Missouri DWI And License Suspension Defense

At Lance A. Riddle Law Office, Attorneys at Law, in Warrensburg, we want to ensure that clients make the best decisions based on the information they have. A DWI charge can change your future, whether it's your ability to drive to keep your job or pay higher insurance rates.

Communicating Information And Establishing A Strategy

During your initial consultation at, we will provide you with information about your DWI defense case. Determining a strategy for the criminal case is vitally important following your drunk driving arrest, but the administrative component needs to be addressed as well.

Administrative And Criminal Processes In Missouri

Essentially, there are two DWI defense cases going on simultaneously. The administrative component means a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles must be scheduled in 15 days if you submitted to chemical testing and 30 days if you refused it. If the hearing is not scheduled in time, you will automatically lose your license prior to any conviction. If you are under 21 and blew between a .02 and a .08, then the Zero Tolerance laws could result in automatic loss of your license as well.

In handling the criminal aspect of your case, we will review driving records and any prior charges of driving while intoxicated. We will also aggressively pursue the probable cause for the initial traffic stop since disputing the breath tests presents more challenges. The goal is to use time, resources and the overall process to our advantage.

In many cases, we will be able to estimate the results of both the criminal case and the administrative action.

Your Legal Privilege To Drive

As your DWI defense lawyer, we will do everything we can to ensure that you keep your license. That will require anticipating the likely best and worst outcome of DWI litigation. Timing is everything in maintaining your privilege to drive. Our knowledge of the law and various strategies can help you to obtain a driver's license if you live out of state border or on a military base.

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