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Planning early is beneficial for you and your family. Anyone over the age of 18 should be thinking about estate planning. It is not just for the wealthy and older adults.

Putting an estate plan in place with a knowledgeable lawyer protects your financial interests and your medical care wishes while you are living, and it protects your family and financial intentions after you have died. If you have a well-crafted estate plan, your family and other beneficiaries will have a much easier time through the estate administration process and probate. They will know your health care and burial wishes, and they will know that their own well-being is safeguarded in the event of your death.

At Lance A. Riddle Law Office, Attorneys at Law, we serve individuals and families in Johnson County and surrounding areas. Our office in Warrensburg is conveniently located, and we are always attentive to our clients' needs, which are broad and varied with interests in Missouri.

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Every person's estate plan is unique, and we look forward to discussing the following matters with you:

We craft estate plans and probate estates for high net worth individuals, people with very few assets and everyone in between. Our clients and their families benefit from our work to minimize tax exposure, efficiently distribute assets and advocate on their behalf in complex legal matters.

Our attorneys can also help you on either side of a will contest or fiduciary dispute.

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