Establishing Child Support Payments In Missouri

Child Support Payments Are Calculated Using The Missouri Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Even though the guidelines appear rigid and straightforward, an attorney representing your best interests can have significant influence on the final decision of the court.

In divorce proceedings, alimony payments, visitation time, other child support orders, employment history, gross income, proof of paternity, child-rearing and medical costs, special needs of children (including college tuition), and other factors will be considered by the court in determining the proper amount of payments.

If parents are not married, the Missouri Department of Family Services, Family Support Division (FSD), may establish child support payments from the parent who does not have child custody administratively (outside of the court system). The FSD will notify the noncustodial parent of the presumed child support amount based upon his or her income and employment information, and he or she may also be obligated to pay for the child's medical coverage. The noncustodial parent has 20 days to request a conference or challenge the child support finding with FSD and the custodial parent.

Whether you are the custodial or noncustodial parent, we can help you protect your rights and interests and ensure orders are enforced properly. Considering all factors, we help our clients establish, disestablish, modify and enforce child support orders under a variety of circumstances.

At Lance A. Riddle Law Office, Attorneys at Law, we are advocate for our clients. We negotiate terms in alimony, child custody and property division agreements with respect to the desired outcome of the child support agreement and vice versa for each agreement in a divorce case. We are proactive, and we will be prepared with a personalized strategy for an administrative hearing should one be necessary in your case.

It is critical to remember that the Family Court will always rule in the best interests of your children. Your case must be approached with this fact top of mind.

Child Support Enforcement And The Missouri Family Support Division (FSD)

The FSD acts as the trustee for most all child support payments. The Division will collect and disperse child support on behalf of the custodial parent and enforce payments by the noncustodial parent through many possible means, listed below.

Our law firm can help you manage the burdens of this process and work to resolve any issues with the FSD. In many cases, we are able to work collaboratively with the FSD to ensure that your child support order is being properly administered, and we can help you in the case that any modification to the order is necessary.

If child support obligations are not paid in full by a noncustodial parent in Missouri, the FSD is authorized to enforce Missouri and out-of-state child support orders with the following actions:

Whether you are seeking support enforcement or relief from support obligations, it is highly recommended that you retain an experienced child support attorney to represent your case. We will ensure that you complete all of the steps in the administrative process properly.

Noncustodial parents may also request child support abatement (relief from child support obligations) under the following two circumstances:

  1. The child of the order resided in the noncustodial parent's care for more than 30 days without visitations with the custodial parent.
  2. The child of the order did not provide college transcripts as required by law.

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