Modification Of Child Custody And Support

Always Consult A Family Law Attorney Before Requesting A Modification

Modification requests must be sent to the Missouri County where the original order was decreed or registered. In most situations, modification requests will only be considered by the Court if the requesting party can show a substantial and ongoing change in circumstances that the original judge did not consider. The requesting party must also show that the best interests of the child can still be served if the child custody or support order is modified.

Even if you are not the requesting party, you should consult an experienced lawyer to represent and defend your rights and interests.

What Is A Substantial Change In Circumstances That Justifies Child Custody Or Support Modification?

Changes to child custody or support may be considered in circumstances involving:

The Court could also consider other factors, but modifying an order is only justified if the Court deems it to be in your child's best interests. Without an experienced and skilled attorney advocating for your goals and your child's interests, your case will face unnecessary risks, which may significantly and negatively affect your child custody or support agreement.

We Also Represent Our Clients In Contempt Actions

Parents who violate the terms of a custody or support order may be in contempt of court, and enforcement actions may follow. The Missouri Department of Social Services has the authority to enforce compliance by means of several punitive measures. We can help you on either side of a contempt action.

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